Experience and relive moments from our past productions. Pōhuli is the term that Tau Dance Theater coined, identifying its signature dance style that respectfully fuses hula, modern dance and ballet.  The creation of this unique hybrid is one of our many contributions to the evolutionary movement language of our global village.


Tau Dance Theater's 25th Anniversary Concert from the historic Hawaii Theatre in Downtown, Honolulu.

Re-broadcast, Sunday January 2nd, KHNL (channel 8) at 8PM.



An artistic celebration of gifts from our ancestors, native pride, cultural and spiritual awakening to transform the arts through the respectful evolution of indigenous dance, music and theater. Oceania is rich with mana and INDIGENUITY is created with a vision to unite us as one artistic tribe, celebrating our cultures. What we create and share today, makes for a better tomorrow. Featured guest artists include: Native Hawaiian music sensation Pōmaikaʻi Keawe; 2019 Artist of the Year - Native American Music Awards, Shelley Morningsong; 2018 Gathering of Nations - 1st Place Men’s Traditional, Fabian Fontenelle; Tlingit rap and YouTube sensation, Arias Hoyle. The segment featured in the video is "Rain."



A 2011 production that honors the Hawaiian Goddess, Pōli'ahu, of the snows of Maunakea, and her sisters Lilinoe, Waiau, and Kalauakolea whose elements are also of the cold, water, winds, rains and mist forms.  


2019 Hō'ina Concert - Oceanic fusion depicting the ceremonial elements of kava ritual.  Kava or ʻAwa remains a part of the oceanic culture to this day and has roots reaching back hundreds, if not thousands, of years.



2019 Hō'ina Concert - Featuring native Hawaiian singer, Mahi'ai Kekumu, the women of TDT dancing an evolved style of traditional hula, Lua Kala'au (Two sticks) juxtaposition to pole aerialist, Austin Dylan Lee.

Beauty of Maunakea

A short film by TDT founding company member, Holly Chung.  Showing a deeper side of the mana'o (meaning) of this dance by utilizing footage from rehearsals and the Ho'ina Concert 2019.  Capturing the melding of genre,  technique and vocabulary of Pōhuli, the responsible fusion of hula, modern dance and ballet.


2019 Hō'ina Concert - Grandmothers aria from the original TDT opera, NAUPAKA (2009).  Libretto written by Artistic Director, Peter Rockford Espiritu, original score by pianist and composer, John Signor, native Hawaiian singer Starr Kalahiki and aerialist, Andrea Torres.